Baseball been very very good to me!



Chaiway Riders new ride coordinator John F.  put together a night activity that included the option to Ride, eat and enjoy affordable professional sports.    A night at the brand new Impact Field in Rosemont, Il to watch the Chicago Dogs play the Gary Railcats.

The weather threaten to rain heavily as it looked like severe thunder and lightening were imminent.   

The Clouds rolled through looked threatening for a while. 


Keeping in tradition, the theme of Ride to Eat was made possible by the variety of food concessions available at the park.

Food, need we say more?

Good ol’ fashion hot dogs, burgers and more


More food,

Za by the slice 


Even more food

You can’t go wrong with soft serve Ice Cream 


All different kinds of food

Nachos and Tacos

Yep, even more food right up our alley. Ride to eat, eat to ride.







Back to Burgers and Dogs. 

Due to weather concerns,  the ride portion of the evening was cancelled, but we had great seats right behind home plate.  ( easy to call balls and strike) so we could second guess the umpire. Good food was available and great camaraderie with our Chaiway Rider friends.

Shelly B, Fred B, Larry R, Marsha R, John F. sitting behind home plate
Shelly B, Wayne B, Larry R, Marsha R ,John F enjoying the game

Stay tuned for future activities.   

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