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Hanukkah Dinner; Dec 2,

The 3rd Annual Hanukkah Dinner commenced on December 2 at the Continental Restaurant in Buffalo Grove.   Sixty members and invited guest attended a fun filled night of food and merriment.   The event included dinner, beverages, dessert and FUN.  Dinner was buffet style with lox, bagels,  cream cheese, tuna salad, potato pancakes, kugel, beverages, and a vast sweet table. Every one enjoyed the grab bag gift swap.

Many of the members brought a menorah for the  first night of  Hanukkah lighting the first night’s candle.




General Membership Meeting and Elections, December 5.


The nominating committee proposed the candidates for as follows for the the offices open for election. This years nominations  for two-year terms are those of President (Fred B.), Secretary (Marty F.) and Ride Coordinator (John F.) Nominees for the vacant office of Safety Officer is John S.  All nominated candidates were voted by unanimously by the quorum from general membership.

Other Business presented and acted on included forming a new committee for the purpose of developing programs and recommendations for fund raising for the identified JMA R2R charity.   A recurring donation to the JMA R2R charity from the Chaiway Riders membership dues was also approved. 


The Other Half Dinner 2018

The annual Other Half Dinner provides the non-riding partners from the club membership an opportunity to share in the fellowship of the club in a fun can casual evening.  This year our Other Half Dinner was held on Sunday evening January 28th .   The evening began at the Wilmette Golf Clube with a Meet and Greet and cocktail hour (which only lasted about a half hour).  Good conversation was had all around.

Dinner was served buffet style and included salad, beef, chicken and pasta, followed by layer cake, carrot cake and brownies.

After dinner, entertainment was provided by Tom Boz, Magic that makes your Event Memorable.  He mystified the group with his magic, card tricks and mind reading.

This year we had a Funky Socks Exchange.  Some very interesting, unusual and funky socks were exchanged.  Poor Andy Freed had her socks stolen several times.

For the first time a 50/50 raffle ticket drawing.  50% of the proceeds went to the winning ticket and 50% will be donated to The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, this year’s charitable organization being honored at the Ride 2 Remember ride being held in Cleveland, Ohio.  Congratulations to Shlomo A.  on winning the first 50/50 drawing.  The club would like to thank all those members who participated in the raffle.

The group would like to thank Mara S. for the beautiful center pieces she created and Marcia R.  for the wonderful evening.  We would like to also thank and acknowledge the vendors who graciously donated gifts to our club for the evening:

Jasper’s Restaurant

Chicago Harley

Nielsen Enterprises

Des Plaines Honda

Annual Picnic September 16



Larry and Marcia R did an outstanding job of planning and leading the Ride from Jasper’s Café (Glenview) to a BBQ and picnic at Heron Creek Lake County Forest Preserve (South of Rte 22 on Old McHenry Rd., Long Grove) Children and grandchildren were invited to join  the picnic. Larry R. led the ride from Jasper’s to the picnic in Long Grove.

Here are a few picture from the picnic

Fred and Shelly B, John S and Rochelle S share recent ride pictures
Ellen, Michael, Mitch and Rochelle enjoying conversation
Good conversation and working the grill



Western Suburb Ride September 9

Ride from Jaspers thru Western Suburbs to Schmidts for Lunch and then to Grahams Fine Chocolates and ice cream Geneva IL

John F. led the group of eight bike through the NW suburbs ultimately following a scenic route along the Fox River through Geneva, Batavia and St Charles. Ultimately ending up in Elburn, Il. for lunch at Schmidt’s.   It happened that the Rolling Thunder riding group was just getting organized for their planned Poker Run.  About 50 bikes were already on site when we arrived with more on the way.  

Quick stop for gas on the route.
Lined up with the Rolling Thunder Group getting ready for lunch



Baseball been very very good to me!



Chaiway Riders new ride coordinator John F.  put together a night activity that included the option to Ride, eat and enjoy affordable professional sports.    A night at the brand new Impact Field in Rosemont, Il to watch the Chicago Dogs play the Gary Railcats.

The weather threaten to rain heavily as it looked like severe thunder and lightening were imminent.   

The Clouds rolled through looked threatening for a while. 


Keeping in tradition, the theme of Ride to Eat was made possible by the variety of food concessions available at the park.

Food, need we say more?

Good ol’ fashion hot dogs, burgers and more


More food,

Za by the slice 


Even more food

You can’t go wrong with soft serve Ice Cream 


All different kinds of food

Nachos and Tacos

Yep, even more food right up our alley. Ride to eat, eat to ride.







Back to Burgers and Dogs. 

Due to weather concerns,  the ride portion of the evening was cancelled, but we had great seats right behind home plate.  ( easy to call balls and strike) so we could second guess the umpire. Good food was available and great camaraderie with our Chaiway Rider friends.

Shelly B, Fred B, Larry R, Marsha R, John F. sitting behind home plate
Shelly B, Wayne B, Larry R, Marsha R ,John F enjoying the game

Stay tuned for future activities.   

Del Rhea Ride Willowbrook,IL



Come join the Chaiway Riders in celebrating the an Iconic Rt 66 Destination  the Del Rhea’s Chicken Basket.  Heading for Lunch to Dell Rhea’s old route 66 diner featured on diners, drive-ins and dives. Meet at Jasper for breakfast. KSU 930am Take Sheridan Rd south along lake front head onto Ogden and out to Willowbrook


Here is the details on the destination: 

World Famous Fried Chicken

Route 66 Famous Fried Chicken History

Dell Rhea’s Chicken Basket got its humble beginnings sometime in the late 1930s or early 1940s in an old gas station lunch counter. One day, two local farm women came in and overheard the owner (Irv Kolarik) talking about selling more food. Having a wonderful recipe for fried chicken, they approached him and offered to teach him how to cook fried chicken if he would buy his chickens from them.

Because the fried chicken was so good and the highway so busy, the Chicken Basket outgrew its lunch counter and the two car repair bays were turned into a dining room. Not long after that, with the restaurant still growing, the adjacent land was purchased and a brand new restaurant was built.

The Chicken Basket, as it is to

day, opened in the summer of 1946 on Illinois Route 66 and 79th Street in Hinsdale right next door to its original location. Because of the amount of traffic and distance from Chicago, the Chicken Basket was the perfect stopping place going to or coming from Chicago. These perfect locations also lead to the Chicken Basket becoming a Blue Bird bus stop. People came to the Chicken Basket to purchase bus tickets to travel as far away as Los Angeles or to send packages to loved ones anywhere in between Chicago and LA.

The restaurant’s many large windows allowed patrons to view the small private planes taking off and landing at the old Hinsdale airport across the street. There was always something going on at the Chicken Basket, whether the roof top ice skaters in the winter months or the live entertainment on the weekends.

The restaurant’s need for chicken soon outgrew the capability of the two local women, and another local farmer who was just moving into the area took over. That farmer was none other than Stanley Helma, father and grandfather of today’s owners.

In the early 1960s, Illinois Route 66 bypassed the Chicken Basket and the beloved Route 66 icon fell on hard times. People who remembered the restaurant couldn’t figure out how to get to it and it almost went out of business for lack of customers. In 1963, Dell Rhea and his wife, Grace, bought the restaurant at a bargain price. Dell, being very well known in the area, used his reputation to help bring people back to the Chicken Basket.

With a lot of hard work,  Our goal has long been to serve our customers the freshest, most outstanding food. We also promise to provide you with the best service in the world. We would like to thank you for 60 plus years of loyalty, and we would like to ask for another 60 years of that same loyalty.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me ( I will gladly answer any question or address any concern you may have.

We wouldn’t have World Famous Fried Chicken without World Famous Customers—thank you for more than 60 years of support.









Jewish Christmas = Chinese Food

What’s Christmas without going out for Chinese food?  A total of 18 ( a Chai) members and spouses converged on the Phoenix in Chinatown for a Christmas Day feast.  We had to split up into two separate tables — there wasn’t a “Lazy Susan” big enough to accommodate the entire group, but it gave a minimum of at least two people to talk simultaneously.

Then there’s the food.  everyone picked an entree we we all shared the bounty.  Next year we are ordering the King Crab that the staff brings out live before steaming and serving.


Summer Picnic – 2014

As in previous years, on Labor Day weekend Sunday, we held our annual Club Picnic.  Following our traditional Sunday breakfast/meetup at Panera Bread in Glenview, Ride Director Andy F. led the group over local roads and scenic byways to Union Pier, Michigan where Marty and spouse Andrea hosted a catered picnic at their summer home on Lake Michigan.