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Old Yeller Retires

The announcement, although expected, came suddenly.  After many years and 167,000 adventurous miles leading the pack, it was time for Old Yeller to retire.  His destination:  Nielsen Enterprises.  Knowing Old Yeller, however, this won’t be for long as the call of the road, Sunday excursions and those weeks-long adventures to the far corners of North America, is in it’s motor oil.

Goodbye Old Yeller, may the miles be kind to you in your retirement.

Sharing stories of past adventures
Sharing stories of past adventures

At our going away event (Shiva?) at Jasper’s Cafe, the group  celebrates the life of Old Yeller.  But wait, not so fast.  This is, after all, a breakfast meeting.

Time out to place breakfast order
Time out to place breakfast order

We met, we ate, now it’s time to ride …

The Last Ride
The Last Ride

8:30 AM Breakfast Meeting at Jasper’s Cafe

When we change to Daylight Savings Time our breakfast meeting time returns to 8:00 am. Until then we gather every Sunday at 8:30am to meet, eat and socialize. Everyone is welcome.  Jasper’s Cafe in Glenview is where we enjoy a full-menu breakfast and have time to socialize (and on occasion argue).  Jasper’s is kind enough to accommodate our group in a separate dining area.  During the riding season it’s kickstands up at 9:00 am for a group ride.

If you want to learn more about Jewish motorcycle riding or are thinking about joining the Chaiway Riders, then breakfast at Jasper’s is the best way to meet us and become a member.  We do a lot more than just ride.

Jasper’s Cafe
1913 N. Waukegan Road
Glenview, IL  60025

(847) 486-1958

Hope to see you there!