Historical mustard-related items as well as purveyor of gourmet mustards

The Mustard Museum

The National Mustard Museum ride has been a Chaiway Riders staple for many years.  When located in Mount Horeb, it was a pretty long trip for one day, but the museum’s relocation to Middleton, a suburb of Madison, made it a lot more accessible.  The trip up to Middleton is by local and scenic roads, while the return is usually by Interstate.

Relaxing after the ride up, and ready to go for some mustard.

Also, there’s the Hubbard Avenue Diner just down the street that provides Chaiway Rider nourishment for the ride home.

The Curator of the Museum shows some of his stuff.  A mustard to collect for each state you have visited.  Wear them on your shirt, or on your vest as proud as any patch.


So, the next time you see this vehicle on the road, think of the mustard colored Gold Wing leading a group of Chaiway Riders to the National Mustard Museum in Middleton.  Enjoy the scenic trip up, the good food (and pie) at Hubbard Avenue Diner, and save some room in the saddlebags for some gourmet mustards that cannot be found on most grocery shelves.

This is just one of many Sunday rides by the Chaiway Riders and a reason to be a member.  When you get to Middleton, WI, stop by the museum and tell them that the Chaiway Riders sent you, or visit their website.