Riding Activities

Andy F. Ride Leader

Andy F. is our Ride Coordinator, a position he has held for a number years. He leads the rides from our breakfast location on Sundays to various locations with particular attention to both scenery and a good place to enjoy lunch.  Most years also include a few longer, spectacular overnight trips that are well planned and rival those of many commercial providers.

 Important Notice for Sunday Riders

When participating on a Sunday ride, please have a full tank of gas and be prepared for kick stands up at 9:00 am.  Typically the group will stop around 10:30 am for a short rest before heading to the final location for lunch.

Prospective new members are cordially invited to attend our Sunday Breakfast meeting and join us in our traditional ride as part of learning about the club experience and joining.

Weekly Meeting

The Chaiway Riders meet on a regular basis throughout the entire year, with or without a ride.  During the winter non-riding season the meetings begin at 8:30 am, although some get there early to hold court.  The meetings are held at:

Jasper’s Cafe
1913 Waukegan Road
Glenview, IL


Rain or shine, good weather or not, we usually do not pass up the opportunity to meet and eat year around at our “clubhouse.”

If you’ve been burned by eating with a group, i.e. ordering a piece of toast and then having to split the bill with someone ordering a egg white omelet, two side dishes, etc., then fear not!

Our server has perfected the separate check routine in addition to the ability to pour coffee from both hands.

The Standard Ride

Our breakfast meeting and subsequent rides, weather permitting, are open to all.  We encourage those who are interested to attend several of these events prior to joining.  If you plan to ride remember to:

  • Have a full tank of gas in your motorcycle if you are going to ride with the group,
  • Arrive 8:00 am and enjoy a fine breakfast and conversation with the group, get to know the other members, and discuss the issues of the day,
  • At 9:00 am — not JST –it’s kickstands up for the ride,
  • Every ride has a Captain and Sweep,
  • CB radios are used to communicate between riders,
  • Group riding protocols are observed,
  • The destination may or may not be on the schedule, but usually head north and west from Deerfield,
  • There are periodic stops along the way,
  • Lunch is usually a treat,
  • The afternoon portion begins the trip home,
  • Bring your IPass as often the last portion may involve the Toll Road, and
  • Don’t leave your sense of humor at home.

Special Events (Local)

Throughout the season there are often organized motorcycle rides sponsored by various charitable groups. They may be listed on the schedule if members have shown an interest in the past. Some may occur during the week or on Saturday, and have a remote starting location.

If they are on a Sunday, more often than not there will still be a “standard” ride by those members of the club who have “been there, done that.”


One of the truly great benefits of belonging to the Chaiway Riders are overnight trips planned and executed in a professional manner by some of our members. Some are simple two- or three-day overnights, while others may involve a week or longer, depending on the destination. The organizers of these trips take great pleasure in getting suggestions for possible adventures from club members.

The Board of Directors of the Club has established a policy that these special trips are for members only. Our Sunday Ride is open to everyone interested in joining.

We meet, we eat, we ride.