Riding Safety

Wayne B. Safety Officer

We are currently looking for a person to lead as the Safety Officer.  If interested, please contact a Board Member. 

The club’s Safety Officer has the responsibility to ensure that the members are aware of safety issues, especially those involved with group riding.  When riding in a group, each rider is impacted by the actions of the others, therefore safety is everyone’s responsibility.  Continued unsafe behavior by a rider may result in expulsion from the ride or from the club.

On this page we will cover some of the aspects of group riding.

  • Ride your own ride — Stay within your ability and your skill level will advance safely
  • Know how to ride in staggered or single formation and the conditions that warrant them
  • Know and use the appropriate hand and foot signals
  • Have a CB radio (usually tuned to channel 27)
  • Keep your motorcycle in good operating condition and well maintained
  • Practice the “no rider left behind” last person rule until it becomes second nature
  • Attend safety meetings and continue to take riding skills courses
  • Have fun, that’s what it is all about, but not at the expense of a fellow rider

We meet, we eat, we ride.