Site Map

The Main Menu of this site contains the following information:

  • HOME PAGE — The main page with an overview of the Club and comments from the Club President.
  • EXTERNAL RELATIONS — Our Club Vice President covers the latest activities with other clubs and organizations.
  • RIDING ACTIVITIES — Gives information about our regular meetings and comments from our Club Ride Coordinator about past rides and other observations.
  • RIDING SAFETY — Even if you have ridden with groups before, this page will give you instructions on how the Chaiway Riders conduct their group rides.  Our Club Safety Coordinator will offer comments and observations.
  • FOR MEMBERS ONLY — This is a link to a third party application that manages the information about club activities, and is restricted to club members only.
  • JOINING — Here you will receive instructions and forms on how to join the Chaiway Riders Motorcycle Club.  There are two subsidiary pages:
    • Club Documents — The forms needed to join
    • Membership — How to prorate dues and payment options
  • FEEDBACK — Leave us your questions and feedback
  • SITE MAP — This page.

Contact the Club

As the volunteer Webmaster with responsibility for the information and functionality of this site, please let me know if something isn’t working or there is information that would be of benefit in attracting new members and keeping the current membership up to date.  You can contact me on the FEEDBACK page of this site.

We meet, we eat, we ride.