Glenview, Illinois

Every Sunday, 8am at Jaspers

Glenview Illinois

a Chicago Jewish Motorcycle Club

Weekly Meeting

The Chaiway Riders meet on a regular basis throughout the entire year, with or without a ride. The weekly Sunday meetings begin at 8:30 am, although some get there earlier to hold court.

If you keep Kosher or would just like sleep in, plan on joining the group around 9:45am for any rides that may be offered.

The meetings are held at:


Max & Benny's

461 Waukegan Road

Northbrook, IL


Rain or shine, good weather or not, we usually do not pass up the opportunity to meet and eat year around at our new “clubhouse.”

If you’ve been burned by eating with a group, i.e. ordering a piece of toast and then having to split the bill with someone ordering a egg white omelet, two side dishes, etc., then fear not!

Our server has perfected the separate check routine in addition to the ability to pour coffee from both hands.