Chicago, Illinois

a Chicago Jewish Motorcycle Club

We are pleased to introduce you to the Chaiway Riders, a Jewish motorcycle club located in the Chicago metropolitan area. Our club has been riding together since 2005, finding new and interesting roads to travel in the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin areas, taking extended trips to scenic areas of the United States, Canada and abroad, and supporting the annual Ride to Remember of the Jewish Motorcyclists Alliance (

Yes, the Chaiway Riders is a predominantly Jewish motorcycle club with participation in several Jewish events, but our ranks are open to all religions, races and ethnic backgrounds…open to anyone who wants to ride safely and socialize. Our membership of almost 60 riders stretches from the Wisconsin state line to the south suburbs of Chicago and from the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan in Highland Park to the picturesque Fox River in St. Charles.

The Chaiway Riders meet for breakfast every Sunday morning throughout the year. Weather permitting, there is usually a group ride immediately after breakfast. Refer to the “Sunday Morning Club Breakfast” link above for detailed information about our breakfast location and time.

Check out the “Gallery” link at the top of this page to view some of our past rides and activities.

If you are thinking of joining the Chaiway Riders, click on “Joining Chaiway Riders” to get information on how to get to know us and how to join the club.

We’d enjoy having you ride with us!